Harelipped Idiot is somehow the mind of mine. Either it’s a Personal Blog or a try to reach Citizen Journalism that I don’t know. As all the writings are mine (If possible Guest Post may come) somehow my own reflex, assessment will come into the writings. Independent writing is too fascinating to follow but then again no one is apolitical, neither me. So disclosing my inclination to my readers is a must do.

My political inclination is neither towards Right nor Left. Democracy may sounds great, but by definition a love the word ‘Republic’ the most, somehow that sounds inclusive. If anyone straightly ask me where do I stand, well then my answer would be ‘Social-Anarchist’. And again if you ask me what is it, well I am still trying to find out my standings, and then the phrase sounds catchy so I started calling me ‘Social Anarchist’. Being said that, I do believe that Anarchy is the solution but not alone, staying together and also unique would only come from these merge of Socialism and Anarchism together.

Coming to the belief zone, I would prefer to be called an Agnostic. Why? Well, the very word ‘Belief’ is very tricky and sometime it misleads you. Believing may bring confidence but the same time ignorance. Rather seeker is a good alternative, but again to be honest the amount of Enthusiasm one need to stay Seeker all the time, I lag that quality, yes that laziness is spontaneous, not only physically, mentally too. So ‘I believe there is a god’ is too mainstream and then simultaneously “I don’t believe so” became “I strongly belief there is nothing”. The very essence of disbelief is missing from Atheists. To some people, agnostic means staying neutral, acting diplomatic, well am sorry, until I know something, until I have all the data, information I can’t fetch myself into anything. Agnosticism gives me that space for processing, and I owe a lot to it, it’s not a loyalty, it’s a respect.