Kashmir Conflict Oversimplified


# She was single
# Two guy proposed her
# She refused both
# The junior guy plans to rape her 
# She calls for help
# The senior guy helped her but on one condition, she has to marry him.
# She agreed for marriage but she refused to share the same bed.
# The Senior after being married, announced that their marriage was done in a hurry, he will let her ask the neighbor and will let her decide about her marital status.
# The neighbor told the rapist to say sry and leave, and told the senior to let her decide.
# But when she started chatting with neighbors, he feels insecure about his relationship.
# He accidentally slapped her once.
# She feels he is not giving her the respect but still have some bonding so didn’t leave.
# The rapist starts flirting and seducing.
# She now thinking of all three options, staying with husband, get divorced, or marry the rapist as sometimes she thinks, maybe his intention was Na-Pak but he might be good at bed what she is lacking from her 70-year long marriage life.
# The rapist shouting on their marital harmony and offering good sex.
# The husband now in a dilemma about how to control his wife, by a kiss or by a slap.
# The rapist who once raped her and left her bleed, now crying on seeing her slapped.

That’s the story of Kashmir in a nutshell…..

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